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Favourite Poems
Bablock Hythe - Laurence Binyon
Batter My Heart - John Donne
Bavarian Gentians - D. H. Lawrence
Cargoes - John Masefield
Crossing the Bar - Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Daffodils - William Wordsworth
Dirge in Woods - by George Meredith
Ducks - F. W. Harvey 
Duncton Hill - Hilaire Belloc
From Paracelsus - Robert Browning
Heart - Peter Alexander Dunkerley
High Flight - John Gillespie Magee
Home Thoughts From Abroad - Robert Browning
Know Thyself - Alexander Pope
Love on the Farm - D. H. Lawrence
Lovliest of Trees... - A. E. Housman
Mending Wall - Robert Frost
Requiescat - Oscar Wilde
Reveille - A. E. Housman
Sea-Fever - John Masefield
Sestina of the Tramp Royal - Rudyard Kipling
Silver - Walter de la Mare
Solitude - Harold Monro
Sonnet - by John Clare
Tenebris Interlucentem - James Elroy Flecker
The Brook - Alfred, Lord Tennyson
The Charge of the Light Brigade - Alfred, Lord Tennyson
The Cragsman - Geoffrey Winthrop Young
The Freak Valley - James Platt
The Highwayman - Alfred Noyes
The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost
The Soldier - Rupert Brooke
The White Man's Burden - Rudyard Kipling
The World is Too Much With Us - William Wordsworth
To Autumn - John Clare
To a Louse - Robert Burns
To a Mouse - Robert Burns
To Celia - Ben Jonson
Tomlinson - Rudyard Kipling
Vitai Lampada - by Henry Newbolt
Weathers - Thomas Hardy


Sibsey Trader Mill - near Boston 


Link to sixty-two of my favourite poems in Lancashire Dialect.