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A Glossary of Lancashire Dialect
In April 2009 the glossary was completely re-designed by merging the original glossary with that derived from Tim Bobbin.
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Incorporation of Tim Bobbin's glossary, published in 1850 by Sam Bamford, has been possible courtesy of the immensely useful website whose creator has kindly assented to me making it availble on this site. The 'gerald massey' website specializes in minor Victorian poets and contains a huge amount of valuable material relevant to the study of Lancashire dialect.
Words or phrases taken from the Tim Bobbin listing are marked by '(SB)' (for Samuel Bamford).
I will be delighted to receive new Lancashire dialect words (with their source reference). Contact me here please.
Notes for words or phrases from the (SB) glossary
Obs. for obsolete; rm for rhyme; pl. for plural.
(i) the term cymraeg is also used to denote the Welsh
(ii) see also Edwin Waugh's lexicon.
1. Glossary in ‘Early Days’ by Samuel Bamford
2. Glossary in ‘Passages in the Life of a Radical’, by Samuel Bamford
3. Glossary from ‘A Lancashire Garland of Dailect Prose and Verse’, ed. G. Halstead Whittaker
4. Glossary in ‘Old Lancashire Words and Folk Sayings from the parish of Saddleworth’, by Ammon Wrigley

5. Glossary from Tim Bobbin's work - marked '(SB)' taken from This page was last modified on 08 April, 2009