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This section of the site contains a few tales about my time as a geologist working in mineral exploration.


1. Aguas Tenidas            2. Alluvial Gold            3. Andacollo           4. Chile Gold History            5. Choquelimpie

1. The Choquelimpie mine - the story of the highest gold and silver mine in the world. You can also read a published article about Choquelimpie here, and there are two slide shows that you can enjoy by clicking here and here.
2. A Geological Model for the Alluvial Gold Environment, work for which derives from the time I worked for Rio Tinto and Billiton Metals. It provides quantitative and semi-quantitative parameters to help prospect for deposits of gold in river and other gravels.

3. The story of the Andacollo Gold Mine near La Serena, Chile. Historically Chile's most important gold mining district, this is an account of the district in modern times, leading to the establishment of a large open pit/heap leach operation.

4. Exploration in the Iberian Pyrite Belt, with an account of the discovery of the Aguas Teñidas Mine now producing copper, zinc and lead.
5. Read an account of the History of Gold in Chile

A dinosaur in the New Guinea Highlands - the hulk of a bucket-line gold dredge at Bulolo.

This was one of a fleet of eight dredges operated from 1932 by Placer Development, flown in

to this remote location in the bellies of Junkers aircraft. Photo of late 1973.