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My Red File
I suspect that most of us develop a collection of papers that we think we ought to hang on to for various reasons. I did. Over time I added various items that inspired me, moved me or made me smile. Eventually they finished up in a big red plastic file that sits on my shelf. Now I find I can't resist putting some of those things onto this website, as part of my concept of 'The thread that runs through everything in life'. My only justification is that they might provide someone else with a bit of the entertainment they have given me.
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1. The True Value of a Man - Gotthold Lessing (1778)
2. It's Not the Critic Who Counts - Theodore Roosevelt
3. Desiderata - Go placidly - Max Ehrmann
4. Instructions for Life - my copy from EAD
5. How To Give Your Cat A Pill - attributed to Bill Holbrook
6. The Ballad of Idwal Slabs - attributed to Showell Styles
7. Tus Hijos (Your Children) - Kahlil Gibran
8. From this moment on - Shania Twain
9. The Seven Values - attributed to Roger Flynn




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