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Welcome to the Dunkerley-Tuson and Goldenthread Websites!

Family History, Lancashire Dialect, Poems and More!

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Since April 2007 my sites have received over 146,200 visits. Thank you visitors!


This site has added My Poems, Favourite Poems, My Red File, Humanism and information about some Mineral Exploration projects.

A second site on the Dunkerley Family of Oldham is also available (RB Home Page).


Main Families on the Site


(Oldham/ Manchester)


(Penwortham/ Preston)


(Minas Gerais, Brazil)




(Diggle/ Saddleworth/ Woodhouses)


The family history section of this site has accounts of the lives of various family members, set in the context and against the events of the times in which they lived. A wide range of information sources have been explored, and are quoted, to make the stories as authentic as possible. There are numerous photos and some maps.


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